We believe there’s greatness at the heart of every
successful business or brand.

But few business-owners or brand managers in Asia are able to
confidently articulate their greatness. That’s a shame because it
is the brands and businesses that fully understand and
embrace their greatness that lead change in the market, attract
new customers and generate superior brand loyalty.

Find out how we can help

At DDG, we’ve brought together all our experience
helping companies in Greater China unveil their
greatness into one simple process—


Through intensive research and in-depth interviews with your
staff, clients and partners, our experienced brand strategists
will uncover one simple and distinctive idea that lies at the
heart of your business.

We’ll brainstorm, design, draft, explore, write and realize
insightful brand marketing and creative communications that
focus and amplify this key idea.

And show how driving all the actions you take from this core
idea can inspire real change in the way your business operates.

So, if you’re ambitious, open-minded and driven; ready to
become confident, inspired, striking and different—
you’re ready for Ruìbìan.

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