Strategic communications give Bionime the edge


Sending mixed messages
Bionime is a company dedicated to creating personal glucose monitoring systems for medical institutions and patients with diabetes. After a new marketing team joined the company in 2013, Bionime approached DDG to develop a new communications strategy that could enhance the effectiveness of Bionime’s marketing efforts, and help the company achieve its business goals.

DDG conducted an extensive brand audit, including interviews with both external customers and Bionime’s key employees. Although Bionime’s visual communications looked professional, a number of different messages were being presented in communications, making it difficult for potential users to understand the products and technologies on offer. It was also difficult for consumers to grasp the differences between Bionime and its key competitors, contributing to the perception that Bionime was yet another consumer blood glucose meter brand, indistinguishable from the competition.

The right message for the right audience
Bionime competed in two very different markets: The professional market (including hospitals, doctors, and medical associations), and the consumer market. DDG developed a communications system and entirely new product logic that would deliver strategic, targeted messages to each of these audiences.

DDG also helped Bionime recognize the marketing potential of its patented technology, a measurement technology that is markedly superior to competitors’ offerings. DDG recommended that Bionime’s proprietary measurement strip serve as the focal point of the brand’s communications efforts. A new tagline, in combination with the new Validus Technology brand name and RightestTM product name became the centerpiece of communications, and was supported by new marketing materials.

Renewed confidence sets Bionime on track for a bright future
The new communications strategy brought greater confidence to Bionime’s marketing team and direction to marketing efforts. As a result, Bionime’s marketing effectiveness and the quality and depth of the company’s interactions with clients and medical professionals have both improved significantly. The launch of Bionime’s new identity at the American Diabetes Association Expo and Medical Fair was a milestone for the brand, with distributors and medical professionals expressing strong interest in the company’s product portfolio.

In Taiwan, sales increased 24% in 2013-2014, largely as a result of improved communications. The positive results of the project continue to motivate Bionime’s employees to refine and advance their marketing and business development efforts.

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Bionime’s Taiwan sales increased 24% in 2014, largely as a result of improved communications.

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