• From vision to action: leveraging a sustainable portfolio to boost impact

    1. CHIMEI

CHIMEI, the world's largest ABS resin supplier, has long prioritized sustainability in its operation and production, adhering to its "Clean & Green" philosophy. In collaboration with DDG, CHIMEI participated in K Show, a global plastics and rubber exhibition, to showcase its new Ecologue™ sustainable product portfolio, enhancing the company's brand image while creating opportunities for interaction with potential customers.

A Visual Design Delivering Brand Messages

Ecologue is CHIMEI’s sustainable portfolio encompassing recycling, bioplastics, and production innovations. The name, Ecologue, is derived from “Eco” and the suffix “-logue,” signifying a catalog for sustainable materials and using dialogue as a medium for change. Ecologue represents CHIMEI’s  commitment to innovating sustainable materials and fostering conversation and collaboration across the value chain, establishing ecosystems to improve the relationship between humans and nature.


The visual system is inspired by the concept of “dialogue." The round elements symbolize a closed-loop economy and circularity, while the speech bubbles represent the exchange of ideas and conversations between CHIMEI and its customers, partners, and peers. The animation video further enhances this concept, illustrating CHIMEI’s sustainable innovations without focusing on specific products. This approach shapes a brand image with an international perspective, enabling CHIMEI to be a strong player in the global market.

A Communication Strategy that Fosters Interaction

Instead of passively waiting for visitors to approach the exhibition booth, DDG encouraged CHIMEI to proactively engage with more visitors. From an Ecologue launch event, to talks that introduced CHIMEI’s latest chemical recycling innovations, the sustainability-focused communication strategy motivated visitors to join in the discussion and interact with CHIMEI, ultimately strengthening CHIMEI's brand image and bringing positive impact to the industry.

A Comprehensive Strategy to Enhance Brand Experience

DDG developed a robust and thorough plan for CHIMEI to create brand touch points, enabling its sales team to concentrate on business development and networking during the exhibition. The close coordination ensured that every detail, both online and offline, was executed flawlessly.

A Brand that Never Stops Evolving

With powerful communications and an eye-catching visual identity, CHIMEI received positive feedback from business partners and increased its awareness within the European market. From the rebranding project “A Step Up,” to the immersive online exhibition “A Day in CHIMEI,” the accumulated brand reputation and its association with sustainability has gradually become a driving force taking CHIMEI to the next level. The successful collaboration between DDG and CHIMEI serves as a prime example of leveraging sustainable brand actions to make an impact.




“ At CHIMEI, we’re constantly driving ourselves forwards. From our “A Day in CHIMEI” and K Show exhibitions to our various future marketing activities, we’re communicating internally and externally to cultivate pride in CHIMEI's brand. With help from brand consultant, CHIMEI will resonate with more people around the world.”

- Andrew Hsieh, Sustainable Material Solutions Division’s Director of CHIMEI

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