• Reinventing PCs for a booming community of makers

    1. Cooler Master

CoolerMaster is on a mission to reinvent the way PCs are designed, made, bought and used. Innovators at heart, they are bringing the focus back to human curiosity and ingenuity, and inspiring a new generation of PC builders in the process.


DDG worked with CoolerMaster to help redefine the long-respected computer component brand. Our team developed a bold new strategy and vibrant identity—opening the door to a new world of PC building.


Our challenge was to develop a brand that would spark inspiration across the entire spectrum of PC gammers and modders. We needed an ambitious idea that would resonate with makers and innovators. That idea was ‘Maker Spirit.’ 

Brand Strategy

Make it yours

For CoolerMaster, building PCs isn’t just an act, it’s a profoundly personalized endeavor. We took this concept a step further and focused on the thrill of creating a truly individualized gaming computer—offering customers the freedom to build what they want, however they wanted. We encapsulated that concept in a single message: Make It Yours.

Brand Identity

Modular masters

CoolerMaster built their new product strategy around modularity, a feature that appeals to PC gamers, yet also differentiates the brand from the competition. So we developed a brand identity designed to bring modularity to life. Our intuitive new visual approach illustrates the potential of modular design—and perfectly encapsulates the Maker Spirit.  

Brand Experience

More than a booth

CoolerMaster has been shifting perception of PC gaming from day one. DDG helped highlight this by showcasing the brand in an entirely unique way. We invited ten of the world’s top makers to explore CoolerMaster products in a live-action booth at Computex—and broadcasted it to the world. This merging of modders, designers, and makers in the Computex exhibition booth created a buzz of activity that has helped reinforce CoolerMaster’s role in the gaming community.

Brand Workshop

Planning for the future

CoolerMaster knew they needed to unite their internal team around a common vision to successfully inspire the global gaming community. To do this, DDG organized a two-day workshop, bringing together different minds across CoolerMaster’s global offices to tackle future challenges—and create a roadmap for engaging the maker community. With a clear plan for the future and internal consensus, CoolerMaster was ready to bring big changes to the global gaming community.

Making a mark

CoolerMaster is a radically redefined maker of PC components—with a desire to become the global leader in PC building and gaming. Their impressive transformation generated a surge of media hype and attracted significant interest from the maker community. With a tangible surge in demand for CoolerMaster products, product margins also jumped substantially. CoolerMaster is inspiring a whole new generation of makers and gamers, and is changing the world of PC design. We’re excited to see what they make next! 

Brand Strategy
Brand Experience
Brand Identity