• Daring the world to ‘experience amazing’

    1. BESV

BesV built an electric bicycle unlike anything on the market, combining advanced software with manufacturing innovation to develop an e-bike in a league of its own—with an exhilarating riding experience for thrill-seekers everywhere.


DDG worked with BesV to build a brand that could match the unparalleled caliber of their e-bikes. Our team developed a strategy, an expressive visual identity, and new brand communications—capturing the feeling of accelerating on a BesV bike, while highlighting the technology that makes it possible.


Our challenge was synthesizing technological innovation and heart-stopping experiences into a single identity. To do this, we focused on the experience itself, and invited the world to ‘Experience Amazing’. 


Brand Strategy

Experience Amazing

BesV wants the world to experience amazing. We needed an idea as powerful as the experience of riding a BesV bike itself—one that could entice people to understand firsthand the exhilarating experience of gaining momentum on a BesV e-bike. Two words was all it took: Experience Amazing.

Digital Experience

Electrically powered, auto inspired

BesV is pioneering technological innovation in luxury e-bikes—which is why they needed a digital brand experience featuring sleek, automotive-inspired photography, and interactive user interfaces that would do the bikes justice. The BesV website—just like their e-bikes—goes beyond the typical digital experience. 

Brand Experience

Amazing, firsthand

For riders to truly understand what we meant by ‘experience amazing’, we knew they’d need to ride a BesV for themselves. We designed a series of electrifying retail kiosks and demo booths, giving riders a chance to experience amazing firsthand—showing the world how cutting-edge innovation is changing what it means to ride a bike.

An exciting road ahead

The BesV brand launch spurred international excitement—and they have since deployed distributors and agents in markets as diverse as Japan, Germany, and Russia. BesV’s innovative design and advanced software has gained recognition from prestigious international awards, including Germany’s Red Dot, Japan’s Good Design, and the Eurobike Design Award. The BesV journey has only just begun—we are eager to see what other amazing experiences lie on the road ahead.

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