• Transforming the way the world views resources

    1. ECOVE

ECOVE is on a mission to ‘cycle resources’ as efficiently as possible. The more value they extract from each resource, the more resources they leave for future generations. For ECOVE, every resource counts. 


DDG partnered with ECOVE to build a new kind of environmental services brand. Our team developed a bold new strategy, a progressive identity and a clear communications approach—and brought it to life on a global scale. 


The challenge from the start was preparing the brand for international growth. To do that we needed something confident. Something significant. Something that would resonate with the core values of the brand. And then we landed on it. Resource Cycling Efficiency™.

Brand Strategy

A bold idea shapes an ambitious brand

For ECOVE, it’s always been about efficiency—so when we set off to build a reputation for the brand, that’s where we started. Resource Cycling Efficiency™. This idea—along with a strong belief in the value of the world’s resources and a data-driven approach to efficiency—gave ECOVE its newfound momentum.

Brand Identity

Connecting the dots

In order to build a brand with an international reputation for efficiently cycling resources, ECOVE needed to connect with communities and governments in a dramatically new way. Our team developed a data-inspired brand identity, projecting a professional look worthy of the environmental services leader.


Website Design

Making it all count

Efficiency. Data-driven operations. Active participation in public policy. Community collaboration. The ECOVE website focuses on these key areas where they truly excel, opening the door for global visitors to delve deeper into Resource Cycling Efficiency™ and its impact on the planet.

Efficiently cycling resources, all over the world

The launch of the brand generated significant attention for the radically transformed environmental services company—and is projecting Taiwanese environmental technology to the global community with brilliant sophistication. To top it off, mere months after the launch, ECOVE won the bid for what will become the largest solar power plant in Taipei. With new pride and confidence in the brand, the ECOVE team is sprinting ahead. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

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