• Bringing global attention to huaren design

    1. Golden Pin Design Award

The Golden Pin Design Award is shining light on innovative designs from Chinese-speaking markets, and the world is paying attention. Already one of Asia’s preeminent design awards, Golden Pin has their eyes set on becoming one of the world’s top five design awards. 


DDG partnered with the Golden Pin Design Award to create what is fast becoming a globally influential award. To do this, we put the focus on the designers themselves—leading efforts to bring previously untold stories of designers into the public eye.

Brand Strategy

Champion design in Chinese-speaking markets

To distinguish Golden Pin from the growing number of design awards emerging across Asia, we helped Golden Pin forge their own path by focusing on a subject other awards had overlooked—the growing influence of huaren design. The Award, emboldened by this stimulating concept, is now deepening understanding of huaren design and what it means to design for huaren markets. 

Branded Content

Think globally, act locally

We initiated conversations on huaren design with over one-hundred talented designers from around the world, and created a website—Design Perspectives—to share their insights. The impact was immediate. With over 130,000 visitors since the website launch, excitement for huaren design has erupted—amplifying interest in the Award.

Media Exposure

Huaren Design x Global Media

The Golden Pin Design Award’s passion for huaren design has spread across major international news outlets. Through both earned and owned media, we’re helping the Award expand its influence in all manner of creative communities—furthering awareness and enthusiasm for the Golden Pin brand.


Huaren design in the global spotlight

Today the Golden Pin Design Award is the world's leading authority on huaren design—a movement that is capturing the attention of a growing international audience. The Award is flourishing—applicants from more than 33 countries have applied since 2014, and growth in total applicants has reached 76% in the last three years. We believe the excitement for huaren design is still in its infancy. The Golden Pin Design Award is well on its way toward becoming one of the world's most respected design awards. 

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