• Improving lives by putting people first

    1. Mio

Uniting technology with consumer insights to keep people safe and well, Mio is designing a fleet of products that are ‘all about you’.


DDG worked with Mio to create an instantly recognizable brand with a distinct personality. Our team developed a strategy and identity system emphasizing friendliness and approachability, presenting Mio as a brand people can depend on. 


Mio offers a diverse range of products, that we realized were all united in one important way—putting people first. Regardless of whether Mio is making navigation easier with GPS, or making driving safer with dashboard cameras, Mio has always focused on improving people’s lives. In short, Mio is ‘all about you’.

Brand Strategy

All about you

At Mio, people come first. We distilled this value into a single, powerful idea: Thoughtful Design. DDG created a brand strategy that brought the focus back to people—in doing so, we helped Mio grow beyond GPS navigation to become a company committed to the broader field of safety and wellness technology. We showed the world that Mio is ‘all about you’.

Brand Identity

Mio, a brand you can trust

Mio is committed to their customers. Inspired by the concept of ‘Thoughtful Design’, we unified multiple product lines with a friendly and energetic new look. This concept awakened a Mio spirit that echoes in all aspects of the new identity—from product packaging to their website.

Protecting what matters most

Mio is already a leading choice for safety and wellness technology products—and they’re just getting started. The new, more approachable Mio is on a mission to help people nurture and protect what matters most: the safety of their loved ones, and their own well-being. We are excited to see Mio establish itself as a household name, and become a beloved brand the world over.

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