• Drawing attention to China’s most ambitious start-ups

    1. PurpleSky

PurpleSky backs visionary entrepreneurs leading profound innovation and change in China—and is on a mission to connect investors with explosive growth opportunities across China. 


DDG partnered with PurpleSky to build what would become the go-to partner brand for investment in China. We developed a dynamic identity with powerful communications, demonstrating PurpleSky’s role in China’s flourishing start-up scene.


PurpleSky invests more than money—they foster meaningful relationships with each of their partners. The challenge was communicating this idea with the world. We decided to expand PurpleSky’s story beyond their role as a trustworthy venture capital firm, and focus on the start-ups themselves.

Digital Experience

PurpleSky knows China

PurpleSky is a trustworthy partner with a deep-rooted understanding of the rapidly evolving Chinese market. To capture this, we created a digital experience that hints at the tremendous changes happening in China—using a bold color scheme to accent an ambitious firm in a fast-changing market. 

Brand Communications

People first

PurpleSky is keenly focused on building relationships with a new generation of promising Chinese entrepreneurs, so we developed communications that put the spotlight on the entrepreneurs themselves—starting conversations that conveyed the genuine passion each entrepreneur has for their business.

A vision becomes reality

PurpleSky has a vision—to be the go-to venture capital firm for the most ambitious Chinese startups. DDG helped PurpleSky turn that vision into reality. Today, the firm has a track record for investing in China’s most successful start-ups—tomorrow, they are looking to bridge start-ups with the world.

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Communications