• Transforming AUO’s brand into limitless possibilities

    1. AUO

Starting out as a leading provider of display technology and solutions, AUO has diversified its business operations into smart vertical industries to best align with its corporate strategies and goals. Their experience and ability to provide solutions in these verticals were being overshadowed by their existing success as a panel supplier. In this extensive branding effort, DDG was tasked with mapping out the brand strategy, identifying AUO’s strengths, and communicating the brand transformation internally and externally.

Advancing Corporate Strengths, 'Tapping' Into Diverse Applications

DDG developed a ‘One AUO’ brand strategy that combined AUO’s subsidiaries into one group, making the brand's structure and the relationship between organizations more clear. This also  made the internal and external perceptions of the brand more consistent. By re-focusing the brand, AUO can leverage its newfound synergy to provide comprehensive services for clients and partners alike.


With a definitive strategy in place, we chose the concise slogan ‘Tap Into The Possibilities’ to communicate the brand’s new direction. ‘Tap into’ describes the physical interaction with panel devices that connects users to the various potentials of technology. On a symbolic level, the new message encapsulates AUO’s determination to transform into a solutions provider and expresses the brand’s confidence in its unlimited development potential.

Injecting an Innovative Aura with a Vibrant and Energetic Identity System

The meticulous and staid nature of technology firms is often reflected in their visual identity system. To convey AUO’s transformation visually, we used radiant colors and a series of 2D and 3D shapes to highlight the company’s five main business areas. The spontaneous interaction between these shapes symbolizes the continual evolution of AUO’s business and the vision they are safeguarding for the future.

Actualizing Brand Vision & Exerting Market Influence

From the company’s value transformation and brand positioning to its communications and visual identity, this comprehensive project contains all the main elements of branding. Subsequent brand promotion campaigns carried this momentum forward as AUO’s core values became an internal impetus and were communicated externally. As a result, the brand is now synonymous with the idea of ‘Possibilities’ as it leads the industry and spearheads toward the future.



“This branding project was more than just establishing a new external image, as we sought to define our corporate culture internally. By instilling this consistency throughout, we want all parties involved to realize the transformation we’ve undertaken and how we are not just a panel manufacturer, but rather an interface to a plethora of possibilities.”

— Amy Ku, Chief Sustainability Officer of AUO

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