• Tempting Taiwan’s pastry lovers with the power of nostalgia

    1. Florida Bakery

Florida Bakery was one of the first Western-style bakeries in Taiwan. A trendsetter of its time, Florida bakery’s first store opened in 1949, introducing Taiwanese consumers to baked goods with foreign flavors.


Most recently, however, the rise of global brands and new homegrown bakeries has changed the baked goods landscape and created more competition for Florida Bakery.


DDG was tasked with the job of guiding Florida Bakery to rediscover its past successes through an update to the brand's image. As part of the strategy, DDG chose to focus on an asset that is rare amongst the brand’s competitors—heritage.

Design Strategy

A journey down memory lane

DDG embarked on a mission to explore Florida Bakery's heritage and reintroduce it with a modern twist. As part of this effort, DDG’s design team journeyed back to the brand's beginnings. Inspired by Florida Bakery’s first store sign in the 1940s, the design team placed the Chinese name at the center of the new identity, while reintroducing the curvature found in the original signage. The new identity retired the female chef icon, prominent in the most recent logo, creating a sense of authenticity for the new look. The icon has now become part of a series of visual elements—sketches of Florida Bakery’s signature pastries that speak of Florida Bakery’s story.

Brand Strategy

Reinterpreting global flavors  

Popular among Taiwanese pastry enthusiasts, Florida Bakery is best known for its diverse range of pastries. DDG brought the brand focus back to this long-held track record of discovering classic flavors from around the world and reinterpreting them as a new culinary experience for Taiwanese consumers.

Brand Experience

A classic reintroduced

DDG developed a comprehensive and versatile identity system for use across Florida Bakery's marketing, product packaging, and retail stores. The retro identity tells a story by using the power of nostalgia, while at the same time communicating the message of diversity amongst the brand's baked goods range. With the combination of typography and illustration, the new identity captures the brand's fusion of flavors and heritage with a modern twist.

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