• Delivering agile smart machining

    1. AXILE

Taichung-based Buffalo Machinery launched AXILE, its premium 5-axis machining brand, in 2017. With exceptional product performance and innovative smart manufacturing technologies, AXILE quickly saw success overseas, especially in the European market.


However, AXILE is a relative newcomer in a market where the world’s leading three brands hold around 70-80% of the global market share. AXILE knew it would need to communicate its unique advantages more clearly to the global market, in order to challenge these dominant brands

DDG worked with AXILE to deepen the brand's communications and to create a design identity that matches its positioning in the market. The aim was to elevate AXILE’s brand image and create greater awareness of the brand’s core concept — Agile Smart Machining — which is both AXILE's core concept and also its promise to manufacturers.

Brand Communication

Deepening the core concept

Through in-depth interviews and extensive industry research, DDG identified AXILE’s key competitive differentiation — the fact its machining centers can balance high speeds and high precision simultaneously. Based on this insight, we created a deeper definition for the existing core concept, to help AXILE and its distributors clearly verbalize the benefits of Agile Smart Machining to sophisticated manufacturers.

With a concrete definition of its core concept, AXILE now has clear direction and focus for its product and solutions communications, beyond listing specs and features. DDG also created the content for AXILE’s new website, to effectively present the brand’s advantages to the global market.

Brand Identity

An agile, smart new look

AXILE’s upgraded design identity visually represents Agile Smart Machining. 


Inspired by the X within AXILE’s original logo, DDG emphasized the highlighted stroke by adjusting the color combination, and then extended the element by introducing gradient patterns. This dynamic graphic element mirrors the precise cutting within AXILE’s machining centers.

For a differentiated photography style, DDG suggested using dynamic blurring and bright metallic tones to create an impression of speed and precision. 


The brand’s upgraded, sophisticated new look allows AXILE to engage confidently with the global market as a top-tier machinery brand.

Precise adjustments, bold ambitions

With deeper communications and an upgraded design identity that reflect its unique spirit, AXILE now has additional tools with which to build its global reputation. The AXILE team is determined to surpass the industry's giants, in particular with its differentiated Digitalized Intelligent Automation solutions that are setting the new standard in 5-axis machining.