• Inspiring innovation with the right conversation

    1. DingZing

DingZing, the largest supplier of TPU films in Asia, is a widely respected company within the technical films industry. Supplying components that are integrated into other finished goods, DingZing experienced pressure from both low-end and tier-one suppliers that were closing in on the brand by competing on price. DingZing approached DDG to position the brand to land more innovative client projects, where the profit margins are higher than volume-driven orders. Based on strategic findings, DDG steered DingZing away from communications emphasizing manufacturing scale, and towards the brand’s value: collaborative innovation.


Brand Communication

Breaking ground on Innovation Playground

DingZing worked with DDG to proactively present the brand as a company that is involved in the development of advanced materials which have the power to revolutionize production processes. To further strengthen this association, DDG helped DingZing build on the concept of Innovation Playground. The Innovation Playground represents a space where DingZing and their clients work together to develop game-changing products and processes. Updating DingZing’s collaboration stories bi-annually, and doing so since 2012, the brand is now confidently associated with advanced materials, revolutionary products, and collaborative innovation.

Brand Design

Results-focused design and messaging

Rather than listing the range of TPU films DingZing has on offer, the brand’s communications now focus on the possibilities those materials open up, highlighting success stories as well as ideas and concepts for future applications. The visual design created by DDG plays a vital role in visualizing DingZing’s participation in the innovation of products, serving to spread the company’s capabilities and achievements.

Through this strategic upgrade of the brand’s content, DDG has helped reposition DingZing as a world-leading researcher, developer, and producer of advanced materials. This has enabled DingZing to drive client conversations around innovation, and to be seen as more than just a TPU supplier. The communications now capture the company’s abilities to bring unique materials to market, and that can inspire innovation and revolutionize product categories. This strategy further helps maintain the company position at the forefront of TPU application development, and has contributed positively to justify the brand’s higher pricing.