• Unveiling the Taiwanese tech inside Europe’s largest vertical farm

    1. YesHealth Group

YesHealth Group started out as a vertical farm operator, producing high-quality and pesticide free, vertical farm-grown vegetables. After more than a decade of research and development in controlled environment agriculture technology, YesHealth Group discovered a new and exciting business model – providing its technology, innovations, and know-how to vertical farm operators worldwide.


DDG worked with YesHealth Group to build its reputation as an international technology brand, a strategic transition from its positioning as a domestic vertical farm operator in Taiwan. The key was spinning the right narrative. We achieved this by elevating YesHealth Group’s new partnership with vertical farm operator Nordic Harvest in Denmark, attracting the praise of well-respected journalists at international business and technology media.


(Photos courtesy of YesHealth Group)

PR Strategy

Spotlight a key global partnership

YesHealth Group had previously received far less recognition than its competitors based in North America and Europe. The issue wasn’t a lack of noteworthiness, but simply that it hadn’t been necessary to engage with international media in the past. Through benchmarking competitors’ media coverage, DDG identified the key advantage that could boost YesHealth Group’s recognition on the world stage – its new partnership with Nordic Harvest in Denmark. Together, they were planning to build Europe’s largest and most efficient vertical farm.

Media Relations

Sow hope in vertical farming’s future

To improve YesHealth Group’s presence in international media, DDG began building relationships with journalists, introducing the YesHealth Group x Nordic Harvest partnership, and providing crucial information such as long-term business projections. This piqued the interest of journalists at Fast Company, the Financial Times, Monocle, Wallpaper and more top tier media outlets, setting the tone for a momentous launch event.

Launch Event

Activate journalists on the ground

Despite the Covid-19 travel restrictions, DDG was able to manage the launch event remotely from Taiwan. DDG worked with Denmark’s International Press Centre and connected with journalists who are based nearby the vertical farm. The launch was a huge success; Foreign correspondents from international news agencies, AFP (France), DPA (Germany), Agencia EFE (Spain) and Reuters (USA), all visited the vertical farm to shoot photos and videos, and to interview key figures involved in the project.


Harvest B2B business leads

DDG earned YesHealth Group more than 500 feature stories in no fewer than 10 different languages. Over six months, YesHealth Group transitioned from being a domestic vertical farm operator and vegetable brand into an international technology brand, receiving a barrage of interview requests from journalists worldwide. And what’s more, they are now receiving a flood of business leads into their inbox. YesHealth Group is on its way to becoming the world’s leading vertical farming technology provider.