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    1. CHIMEI

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As one of the world’s largest suppliers of performance materials, CHIMEI is a company well accustomed to traveling the globe, attending trade shows and meeting directly with potential clients. This is why the pandemic posed such a dilemma, how to continue this level of activity while global events and travel were curtailed? Looking to turn this troublesome situation into an opportunity, and try something innovative, CHIMEI approached DDG about launching an interactive online exhibition.



An Everyday Experience


Through consultations with DDG, “A Day in CHIMEI” was established as the theme. Rather than an exercise in marketing individual products, this exhibition site would serve as an introduction to the company, CHIMEI. Focused around several topics representing CHIMEI’s approach to emerging trends in the petrochemical industry, such as environmental sustainability, AI technology, innovation and social responsibility, A Day in CHIMEI would provide a unique, inside look at what a typical day in CHIMEI is like and how their values as a company drive their work forward. 

Once on the exhibition page, visitors are greeted by a vivid and interactive 3D map representing CHIMEI’s facilities. To give guests a more genuine experience, DDG took inspiration from real life buildings at CHIMEI when designing the structures that populate the map. Eleven stories along with eight videos introduce CHIMEI’s work to a digital audience. Several of the stories demonstrate how, since their foundation 62 years ago, CHIMEI has pursued progress in social and environmental policies, which have laid the foundations for robust, modern ESG efforts.



The Next Step After Rebranding


A Day in CHIMEI follows on from the 2020 CHIMEI rebrand led by DDG. This rebrand, as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations, embodied CHIMEI’s ambitions to engage more directly with clients, learning about their needs in order to better innovate for trends in consumer markets. The online exhibition represents the next step in their efforts to improve relations with businesses who rely on their performance materials.

During the rebrand, DDG helped CHIMEI decide on their new slogan “A Step Up”. Not only did this encapsulate how CHIMEI’s materials improve the performance of their clients’ products, it also represented CHIMEI’s desire to consistently improve on their own standards, whether that be in the materials they produce or their impact on the wider community. 



Bringing CHIMEI’s Vision To Life


The focus on stepping up performance, along with the excitement following this rebrand, helped bolster internal motivation at CHIMEI, something that the online exhibition shows through interviews with employees across the entire business.

With a deep understanding of CHIMEI’s needs and vision, DDG coordinated the design and building of the exhibition site. From content creation and video production to website development and photography planning, DDG created an online exhibition that gave audiences a deeper understanding of CHIMEI as a company. Following on from this, DDG strategized and implemented a digital activation campaign via LinkedIn and Bloomberg to further promote A Day in CHIMEI and ensure the innovative efforts of CHIMEI would be seen around the world.



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